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About Us


Chi Alpha Directors for Wisconsin and Northern Michigan


About Us - Family Bio

Joshua and Heather Ernst are ordained pastors and nationally-appointed U.S. missionaries with Chi Alpha.  Together, they have been reaching, serving and sharing the transforming love of Jesus with college students for 22 years.  They served for 4 years pioneering and directing a Chi Alpha group at Dickinson State University in North Dakota, and 8 more years pioneering and directing a burgeoning Chi Alpha campus ministry at UW-Oshkosh.  In 2016, they accepted the position of District Chi Alpha Directors for all of Wisconsin / N. Michigan. Their new role is to recruit and train new Chi Alpha Directors to lead successful pioneering efforts on new campuses across our area. With nearly 450,000 college students on 75 colleges and universities, we’ve got our work cut out for us.  Please pray for our family often!  We depend on the monthly support of individuals, businesses, and churches who believe in students to accomplish these great tasks. Will you help us change a student, change a campus, change Wisconsin / N. Michigan?  C’mon, let’s go reconcile students to Christ! 

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