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  • Abbie Sawczak, Pastor, New Culture Church
    Worship Center
    What are the basic beliefs of Christianity? Why and How should I become a follower of Jesus? If you're curious or considering becoming a Christian, this Breakout will help you get started on your journey of faith.
  • Joshua Ernst, WINM Chi Alpha Director
    Retreat Center
    The Bible was written thousands of years ago, and it makes some incredible claims! We need some serious evidence to believe them. But they’re not claims that only stupid people believe. In fact, some of the smartest people in the world believe that what the Bible says is true. Come find out why!
  • Angie Bishop, UW - Green Bay XA Director
    Hickory Lodge
    I have decided to follow Jesus! Now what? What’s the next step of obedience I should take? What if I was baptized as a baby? Whether you’ve been a believer for 10 hours or 10 years, if you’ve yet to be baptized or if you have questions about being baptized as an adult, this session is for you.
  • Justin Strachan, UW - La Crosse Director
    Joy Hall
    What does it look like to grow in our relationship with Jesus? How do we practice being in the Presence of God? Come learn how we can live our lives with Jesus everyday, everywhere in more ways than you might think.
  • Jeff Winkelman, UW - Milwaukee XA Director
    Willow Lodge
    Building Relationships with others can be difficult, especially if they hold different beliefs and come from different backgrounds than us. We tend to build walls to protect ourselves, but God calls us to love one another and offers us a better way to relate to others around us. Come find out how!
  • Tom Barg, UW - Stevens Point XA Director
    Anchor Hall
    Many issues facing our world today are a result of our tendency to avoid being vulnerable with one another. God is relational by nature and designed us for connection and community. Here we'll learn how to exercise a healthy approach to vulnerability as a spiritual strength rather than a weakness.
  • Brian Bishop, UW - Green Bay XA Director
    Cedar Lodge
    Does the idea of sharing your testimony with someone make your palms sweat? How do you start the conversation? What are the key elements that need to be conveyed? Brian has shared his testimony with many and has seen many accept Christ. Come learn how you can do the same!
  • Catherine Winkelman, UW-MKE XA Director
    Birch Lodge
    What has God called me to do? What's my mission? Is being "on mission" something I can choose to accept or reject? Come discover what the Bible teaches us about it and how it affects us all.
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